"Agricultural robotics: part of the new deal?"

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FIRA 2020 conclusions

Throughout the 5th edition of the International Forum of Agricultural Robots (FIRA) in December 2020, more than 1,500 farmers, manufacturers, advanced technology suppliers, innovators, investors, journalists and experts from 71 countries around the world gathered to share stories, ask questions and exchange ideas about agricultural robots. This book is a journey into the state of the art of this impactful industry in 2020 and includes 27 agricultural robot information sheets. It is designed to provide a nuanced look at the industry’s most pressing topics, from the overarching impact of the global food crisis to the everyday influence of semi-autonomous tractors on a family-owned farm in France. The book achieves this goal by taking a deep dive into the perspectives shared by FIRA 2020 presenters and panelists.

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The authors are the following :

Julie Peyrache - Investment director and agricultural engineer. She participated in the creation of the Capagro Capital Venture in 2014, the first VC dedicated to AgTech and FoodTech in Europe. She assisted several European start-ups in the field of agri-food, and was treasurer of the GOFAR.

Gaëtan Séverac - With a bachelor’s degree in technology and computer science, followed by a master’s degree in engineering -robotics major- and a PhD at ONERA, a French space research center, he set up Naïo Technologies with Aymeric Barthes (one of Capagro's portfolio companies), a startup that develops and markets agricultural robots destined for mechanical weeding. Gaëtan has been president of GOFAR since 2019.

Roland Lenain - Research director at INRAE. Since 2016, he has been in charge of the Romea team (Robotics and Mobility for the Environment and Agriculture) and leads a number of research projects on the mobility of robots operating in natural and agricultural environments. Roland has been vice-president of the GOFAR association, in charge of scientific contents, since 2019.

Alain Savary - With an agricultural engineering degree and an MBA from ESSEC in 1982, he began his career as an auditor in agricultural cooperatives in France. He has been General Manager of AXEMA since 2010, the professional union that brings together the 250 French Agroequipment manufacturers. Alain has been the secretary of GOFAR since 2019.

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