Our Commitments

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Gender Parity in Private Equity

We reinforced our commitment to best social practices by adhering to the “Promoting Female-Male Parity in Capital Investment and Companies” charter of France Invest and SISTA.
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Commitment of Investors for Growth

Its signatories undertake, beyond the rules already set out in the code of ethics of the profession, and the AMF regulatory, to set various economic, social, environmental and governance goals established by this charter.
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The UN's Sustainable Development Goals

At Capagro, we are committed to investing in companies whose solutions contribute to achieving at least one of the 17 SDGs for the agriculture and food industries.
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By respecting the Principles for Responsible Investment, we attest to our commitment to aligning Capagro’s investment practices with the best practices in our sector.
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Partnership with Zei

We wanted to mobilize our startups on ESG key topics and monitor their progress, which we are convinced will be a crucial engine of their development.
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We partnered with Sami to measure our carbon footprint, as well as to put in place a plan to reduce and compensate it.

Our impact

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