Capagro publishes its Impact Report for 2023


We have the immense pleasure to announce that our 2023 Impact Report is out! 🌱

We based our analysis on the 6 ESG characteristics promoted by our fund:
◆ Better nutrition
◆ Biodiversity preservation
◆ Safety, health & well-being
◆ Sustainable work practices
◆ Sustainable and circular production systems
◆ Climate action
and we linked those characteristics to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and to our portfolio impact KPIs 🤝

This year we also managed to collect the amount of CAPEX invested on those 6 pillars across our portfolio 🎉 And spoiler alert for page 34 : we will be committing to an Article 9 compliance for SFDR during 2024 😎

Impact report agrifood agtech foodtech

You can find the link to our impact report here : OPEN.

A big bravo and thank you to all our portfolio companies and partners who enabled us to make all this happen 👏