Combagroup awarded solar impulse efficient solutions label

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CombaGroup is proud to receive the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions label awarded by Dr. Bertrand Piccard’s Solar Impulse Foundation.

Following the success of the famous solar powered flight around the world, the Solar Impulse Foundation decided to award the "Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions" label to 1000 products or services that meet high standards of both sustainability and profitability. A portfolio of these solutions, that includes CombaGroup, will be brought to decision-makers to encourage them to adopt more ambitious environmental targets and energy policies.

Solar Impulse

To achieve this recognition, CombaGroup underwent a rigorous assessment process performed by external independent experts, based on a verified methodology and against several criteria that included technological feasibility, environmental and socio-economic benefits, and economic profitability.

CombaGroup contributed to 4 of the sustainable development goals (SDG):

SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

SDG 9: Industry Innovation and Infrastructure

SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities

SDG 12: Responsible Production and Consumption

“Imagine the impact that this will have on the world! 1000 clean and efficient solutions with a label proving their profitability. They have the potential to create jobs and boost clean economic growth, while also reducing CO2 emissions and preserving natural resources. This is much more than ecological, it is logical!” says Bertrand Piccard, Initiator and Chairman of the Solar Impulse Foundation. Serge Gander, CEO of CombaGroup said: “We are honoured to have been distinguished with the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions label because the vision that is behind Bertrand Piccard’s drive to efficiently, sustainably, and profitably impact the planet resonates fittingly with CombaGroup’s mission to innovate for an efficient, sustainable, and profitable agriculture—that is clean, green, locally-grown, and pesticide-free all year round.”